From there you will climb 4.5 miles up FS Road 317, to the top of Schofield pass. Pooped. 14.1mi With an Alpine environment that will make you question whether you're in Colorado or Switzerland, this trail sends you on a nearly 2,500ft descent down some of the finest singletrack in the continental U.S. The ride is a 14.4 mile loop (2-3 hours) from the Copper Creek Trailhead, or a 33.4 mile loop (3.5- 6 hours) from town. Snow & icy-ruts from Schofield/singletrack all the way to the top, and deeper snow as you get out of the trees. 15.1mi The high point of the route afforded incredible views in almost every direction. Trail 401 is a bit longer in distance than Teocalli Ridge, but the elevation gain is about the same. Log In. The 401 Trail is Crested Butte, Coloradoâ s, most popular mountain biking trail. Trail 401 is a bit longer in distance than Teocalli Ridge, but the elevation gain is about the same. The difference is that it’s split into two climbs on Trail 401. I stopped so many times to take pics. — The views are something else on the 401 Trail, but so is the elevation gain . Features Upgrade Route Planner Organizations Find Stories. It always comes up whenever I read an article about mountain biking in Crested Butte. For good reason—it’s amazing. 26.6mi This trail has some awesome singletrack and amazing views. Spam? Near Crested Butte, Colorado. Landscape can become distracting ;-) The 401 Trail is Crested Butte’s classic mountain biking trail. 512.99 m Down, 11.5 mi 243.03 m Up I would say that the one ride i did on this trail was one of the best rides i've ever done. Pin. Snowdrift still persistent, road closed ~ 1 mile or so from pass. The 401 Trail Crested Butte Colorado. Don’t come to Crested Butte in May or early June and expect to ride it. Trail 401 is our most iconic trail here in CB, it is what you’ve heard about, read about and seen pictures of. Tacky and amazing, a few spots near the bottom of the first decent are a little tore up Wet, muddy and snowy up top. Colorado highlight. GTABurnout wrote: Was looking for some help from a Crested Butte Local. 13.6mi Another start option is to park at the Snodgrass trailhead, you can then ride Gothic Road (less then 4 miles) to the town of gothic, and continue on to Schofiled pass, roughly 9 miles total. Trails with man-made features are closed, so please respect the signage so that access to the other trails doesn’t go away. . View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Trail 401 bike trail in Crested Butte. Bellview. — 2h 15m, Will exit at rustlers gulch in the future 4x4 roads and historic singletrack trails crisscrossing the beautiful mountains of the Elk Range around Crested Butte provided the perfect proving grounds for cyclists to adapt their bikes for off road travel. This is about an injury or accident The difference is that it’s split into two climbs on Trail 401. • 14.1mi 7mi, Snow drift, avalanche, and down trees impede movement on this trail. 2h 15m, 15.1mi — Crested Butte - 401 Trail. Lots of intermediate mountain bikers can be found spinning their way up to behold shoulder high flowers, fast single track, and heavenly views of Mount Crested Butte. For good reason—it’s amazing. Sign up. The first option is to continue on the road, cross a creek (which could be high at times) and then take a left on FS Road 317. 3h 00m, 13.7mi Customer Service. Review of the best mountain biking at 401 Trail near Crested Butte in Colorado. Chris & Mac Getting butts off the couch, one butt at a time . Ride aware, save a (wild)life! An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. 2.2mi, Killer views Crested Butte really is a hidden secret of colorado. There are many reasons Crested Butte is famous for its single track and the 401 trail tops that list with its endless views of Colorado's spectacular Maroon Bells and Elk Range and its fast and flowy downhill that winds you through majestic backdrops, fields of wildflowers, shoulder high … Take your time, drink lots of water, and bring some sort of camera. 513.21 m Up 14.4mi, Great loop!! Once you hop on the singletrack, enjoy a steep and brutal climb to the high point. On this day, the GORC vacationers opted to ride from GORC HQ at Mount Crested Butte up Gothic Road to the 401 Trail. Very much a frustrating Hike & Bike. In the winter, you cannot drive all the way to the trailhead discussed in many of these comments. However, the stunning amount of ridiculously scenic singletrack in Crested Butte … 12.6mi It always comes up whenever I read an article about mountain biking in Crested Butte. — — A quick hike-a-bike will place you in view of Emerald Lake with a short distance remaining until the famed 401 singletrack begins. While all of the trails in Crested Butte are at high elevation, Trail 401 stands out as one of the highest with the summit of the route resting at about 11,400 feet above see level! Almost all loop completed. But when you get there-it's a great single. I knew it’d be another tough climb, regardless. A variety of choices of difficulty, these hikes are some of the best views in Crested Butte! 3h 00m, Most amazing views, ridiculous wildflowers, beautiful trail The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. 4h 00m, The views were magnificent and the downhills were fast and flowing! While many opt to ride the 401 in the summer for the fields of wildflowers, fall is just as excellent for the changing aspens. It’s been in all the mags, has been plenty of Facebook banners, and is probably the most Instagrammed trail in Colorado. Open in the App × ... 401 Trail-Crested Butte. Something else? — 10/28/20: Snow There is currently no lift-accessed biking at CBMR, but bikers are free to use some of the CBMR trails at their own risk. Yes, yes, EVERYBODY loves the 401 Trail. Gorgeous views and one hell of a climb!! Tough climb, although not technical, and a long flowy downhill. Near Crested Butte, Colorado. — Trail 401 Riding Area Crested Butte Videos more videos (14) Youtube Channel. After a tough expedition to the North Pole, Eric Larsen was lucky enough to spend a month in Crested Butte, Colorado this summer. I would say that the one ride i did on this trail was one of the best rides i've ever done. The sweetest deals, event ticket giveaways, news and more! 654.94 m Up ... At the top of Schofield Pass, the famed singletrack of the 401 Trail veers right starting with a tough and consistent climb for 1.3 miles through dense trees. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. One hell of a climb with a nail biting descent! For good reason—it’s amazing. My trip to the USA in 2005 had it all, for someone who enjoys bike riding, especially cross country, small towns, great scenery and a good bunch of people to ride with it could not have been better. The 401 Trail is a legendary single track in Crested Butte, Colorado. Yes, yes, EVERYBODY loves the 401 Trail. Trail Riders 401 trail is Crested Butte’s most famous trail for good reason. 3,470. 2,144' Down There is no parking on the pass, however many do shuttle to the road section. 14mi Trail is a hot mess; several avalanches have covered the trail with snow, trees, and other debris. When mountain bikers think about Crested Butte, Colorado, the 401 trail is most likely the first trail that comes to mind. It is a must do for your first time in CB. heavy ruts compromised the downhill. 2h 22m, The climb on 317 is not fun with car traffic and dust. 14mi, 51 minutes of chillin because pictures and hard to breathe and derailleur issue. — 13.7mi, Couldn’t get thru completely as the snow melt washed out some areas plus I was beat by the elevation gain. It is not nearly as stunning as the upper 401, but worth the extra singletrack. Aug 17, 2014 - 4 miles of continuous downhill on some of the most scenic singletrack in Colorado. Still a beautiful ride! High alpine meadows with unbeatable views. There’s an upper 401 and a lower 401 – the center of the two is the Rustlers Gulch parking area. For good reason—it’s amazing. 9.6mi. Tons of brake bumps/washboard in spots of the descent though. The bread and butter of 401 Trail Loop - alpine singletrack at its best. Arrive at the high point (11,351), and take a right turn to continue on the singletrack. Shortcut due to weather. 242.66 m Down, 8.4 mi Trail descriptions and updates courtesy of The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Holly's Ride Guides, and The Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association. 1h 33m, Insanely cool trail; Tommy's calf cramped While some locals ride this route from town, most visitors drive to Gothic and park at the Judd Falls trailhead. 8.7mi For good reason—it’s amazing. Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines. — — 796' Down I considered it a must for this trip! Similar Products Used: Tony's Loop to Upper Loop to Strand Hill. But, you can park you car in the limited area at the end of Washington Gultch Road and hike in. The trail will continue south and is marked in a parking area. Damn brutal, wasn't in great shape to enjoy the whole thing. The trail then becomes a bit more technical as it weaves through some tight aspens and becomes more rocky, with a few root drops. This by far was the most scenic trail I have done but I prefer the riding of Dr. Park and Teocalli Ridge over this ride, those trails had more variety and the riding just more playful and fun. We rode the sweet downhill back to the house and never stopped smiling. 3h 15m, Hard Climb 2h 01m, Wow! 14mi 14mi 1155.24 m Down, 8.8 mi — The definition of alpine mountain biking. — 14.1mi, Majestic ride down the side of a mountain! Trail 401 is our most iconic trail here in CB, it is what youâ ve heard about, read about and seen pictures of. So snowy and muddy! Horns High Mountain Biking. Horns High Mountain Biking. 14.1mi, Best day on the bike in my life so far. Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and —